What do we do?

We deliver end-to-end services in data-driven decision making.

Our specialization is in financial risk management, data science, and strategic oversight.

We generate tailored, understandable, and smart solutions to unlock the potential of your data.

What do we do differently?

We provide a holistic service towards an integrated data solution within your organization.

For that we advice you on a data analytics strategy, we realize your vision, and we co-develop your team to achieve a lasting knowledge transfer.

It all begins with a solid strategy

Together with our clients, we start at a high level with navigating them in making the best out of their data: Making their business more effective and profitable.
We are currently assisting our clients in financial services and healthcare with:

Strategizing design data landscape, data remediation, and stablishing the turn-off-the-tap.
Material choices and tackling challenges in model landscaping and model development.
Strategizing business with data driven decision, such as utilizing data in optimization of processes, pricing, setting KPIs, and planning.

We turn your vision into reality

When your data strategy is crystalized into a vision, we assist you to successfully execute. With a team of experienced data scientist and quantitative analysts, you will be at capable hands. Together, we overcome the challenges on the way and  turn your vision into a tangible delivery, empowering your organization with data driven decision making. You achieved your vision; what is next?

Example of our current projects:

Modelling in IRB and IFRS9 domains for various retail and non-retail portfolios.
Various data owner activities in banking to address strategical or regulatory requirements.
Support model owners by complementing their knowledge with our modeling and regulation expertise.

We enable the best teams

As strategies get incorporated into the organizations way of working, the awareness and capabilities will demand for further utilizing the data driven methods. Hence, it is important to incorporate data capabilities within the organization. We help you build your internal knowledge to minimize your need for external support and build yourselves internally.
We do this by:

Executing our projects in collaboration with a network of senior contractors to offer effective hands-on training opportunities.
Hiring and training of dedicated team members during the project, which can be hired by the client after the project.
Offering various content and soft skill trainings.