We offer the following range of services aimed at enhancing strategic approaches to drive business effectiveness and profitability:

  • Credit Risk Management
    Evaluation and enhancement of credit risk assessment procedures, encompassing credit scoring, loan initiation, and credit portfolio control. Designing strategies to handle non-performing loans and facilitate credit loss provisioning.
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies
    Developing frameworks to manage specific risks, such as credit risk mitigation through improvements in credit scoring and underwriting practices.
  • Stress Testing and Scenario Evaluation
    Creation of stress testing scenarios to gauge the institution’s resilience against adverse economic conditions. Assessment of the repercussions of diverse macroeconomic scenarios on the institution’s capital adequacy and profitability
  • Validation and Governance of Models
    Establishment of governance frameworks for models to ensure accurate and reliable risk modelling.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Reporting
    Aiding financial institutions in comprehending and adhering to pertinent financial regulations and reporting mandates.
  • Capital Adequacy Planning
    Developing strategies to optimize the allocation of capital and ensure adherence to regulatory capital requisites
  • Technological and Data Solutions
    Provision of recommendations for technology solutions tailored to risk analytics.
  • Governance and Organizational Design
    Advising on the appropriate governance structures and organizational setups for efficient risk management. Designing risk committees and reporting hierarchies to ensure effective oversight.


We deliver tangible solutions with a team of experienced data analysts and data scientists:

  • Predictive analytics
    Developing predictive analytics models (e.g. IRB, IFRS9) using historical and real-time data to forecast potential risks and trends, enabling proactive risk management. Incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to enhance risk prediction, classification, and decision-making processes.
  • Model Validation
    Assessing the reliability and compliance of quantitative risk models to ensure that risk models provide trustworthy predictions
  • Data Remediation, Integration and Analysis
    Assisting in the automated data remediation, integration of diverse data sources and formats, followed by thorough analysis to identify data quality.
  • Risk Monitoring and Notifications
    Implementing monitoring systems to track key risk indicators (KRIs) on model performance and model outcomes and alerting when thresholds are breached. Developing customized dashboards and visualizations that provide a clear overview of an organization’s risk landscape and performance metrics.
  • Automated Reporting
    Designing automated reporting systems that generate regular risk management reports for different levels of stakeholders within the organization.
  • Process Automation
    Automating repetitive risk management tasks, such as data collection, validation, and reporting, to improve efficiency and reduce errors.

Team development

We assist you in developing internal expertise to reduce reliance on external resources.

  • Talent Assessment and Recruitment
    Assisting in the identification of key roles and skills required for effective data-driven risk management. We recruit young professionals to be employed in your team after a period of coaching and training to accelerate professional growth.
  • Training and Capacity Building
    Providing tailored training programs and workshops to educate staff on predictive analytics (e.g. IRB or IFRS 9 modelling), tools, and best practices for team members to enhance their capabilities.
  • Best Practice Sharing
    Facilitating knowledge-sharing sessions where teams can learn from industry best practices, case studies, and success stories in data-driven risk management.